Collaborative Communication Training. Tutors exploring new ways to motivate and connect with students.

Collaborative Communication Training. Tutors exploring new ways to motivate and connect with students.

Collaboration, Trust, and Communication 

Access Test Prep’s philosophy focuses on our unique ability to communicate and collaborate with our students. All Access Test Prep tutors are trained in Collaborative Negotiation skills, enabling each to build collaborative partnerships rooted in respect, integrity, and trust. This trust, along with our caring and approachability, results in a relationship that motivates students and inspires their confidence. These are essential ingredients for attaining higher test scores and academic achievement, along with improved access to an education that will provide the strongest foundation for a rewarding career.

We make it a point to be available to students and parents as we partner with them to achieve each student’s goals. Full communication and collaboration enables Access Test Prep to design customized programs based on each student’s abilities in order to reach a successful outcome.

One-on-one tutoring helps every student stay engaged in the lesson at hand.

One-on-one tutoring helps every student stay engaged in the lesson at hand.

Focus on Each Individual Student

Access Test Prep focuses on individual needs. We partner one-on-one with each student to accomplish his or her personal best on standardized tests, in school, and in interviews. We motivate and challenge students at all levels and of all abilities and learning styles. We provide an individualized approach that enables the student to master concepts at a pace most helpful to him or her.

Students with Learning Differences 

Access Test Prep has proved to be an invaluable resource for students with learning differences and challenges. For those who struggle with timed standardized tests and specific academic subjects, our step-by-step, customized programs are exceptionally productive. We collaborate with both parents and students to genuinely understand how the individual student learns best and then build and pace a program that speaks to that student's specific needs. Access Test Prep has tutored hundreds of students who have applied for accommodations on the SSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and MCAT.   We provide twice-weekly proctored practice tests with any accommodation for which the student has been approved, including extended time, multiple days, circling answers in the answer book, typing an essay, and having a reader. Please feel free to reach out to our office to discuss your child's specific needs. Call us at 404-303-1118 or e-mail us at


A Higher Standard

The proprietary Access Test Prep one-on-one tutoring method, developed by co-founder and Head Tutor, Charles Mendels, Esq., is based on Charles’s extensive teaching experience at all levels, including grades 7-12 and law school, four years of one-on-one standardized test and academic tutoring in New York City, and 10 years as the preeminent test prep tutor in the Southeast. Charles holds himself and his tutors to the highest standard. Every tutor whom Access Test Prep hires undergoes a background check and rigorous interview screening process; scores in the 99th percentile on the standardized tests for which he or she tutors; demonstrates a passion for teaching; and undertakes extensive training (at least 25 hours) with co-founder Charles Mendels to fully understand and ultimately implement his model. Each tutor is further trained and continually coached by co-founder Elaine Rosenblum in her Collaborative Communication model. The result is that we are able to build collaborative relationships that instill confidence and motivate students through a supportive, calm, and straight-forward approach that leads to uniformly positive feedback from students and their families.


Commitment and Long-Term Value

Access Test Prep has found that personalized tutoring over an extended period of time, rather than the typical “crash course,” is the ideal test preparation method and the key to accomplishing optimal test performance and academic goals. This model requires a commitment on the part of the student to our proven system of preparation. In turn, we are committed to helping students develop an approach to learning and analytical thinking that they can take forward toward achieving their academic goals and furthering their long-term education.  In the end, many of our students find a greater appreciation for and love of learning.

True improvement on standardized tests comes from developing the underlying skill set that is measured on a particular test, not through generic quick-fixes and tricks. A strong grounding in these skills and repeated practice tests under proctored, simulated testing conditions develop student familiarity and confidence. Over time, familiarity and confidence motivate students and significantly impact test scores and academic grades.