Resume, Interview & Negotiation Prep



Access Resume, Interview & Negotiation Prep is one-on-one tutoring for prospective college and post-grad students, as well as professionals. Our program is designed and taught by co-founder Elaine Rosenblum based on her teaching, professional, and consulting experience as an attorney, negotiation expert, and corporate marketing veteran.  Elaine deeply understands both sides of the interview to be a negotiation.  In fact, she recruits, interviews, and selects (together with co-founder Charles Mendels) each Access Test Prep tutor from among hundreds of resumes that she receives monthly. 

Prior to attending law school, Elaine spent a decade partnering with Fortune 500 marketing teams and building strategies to market products for brands such as Delta Airlines, Nestle, Nabisco, Mercedes Benz, and Time Inc.  Product marketing is rooted in a collaborative, team effort to analyze and innovatively solve client business problems by identifying, understanding, and creatively communicating with a target audience. This marketing proposition easily translates to the branding and self-presentation that are the cornerstones of resume development, interviewing, and collaborative negotiation. Leveraging her legal and marketing expertise, Elaine has taught collaborative negotiation skills for 13 years. 

Elaine firmly believes that the process of resume development is an empowering foundation for obtaining and preparing for an interview. Our proprietary process develops crucial skills for articulating an applicant's interest in a school or value to a company, collaboratively negotiating a salary, and managing the politics inherent in the professional world.  Utilizing her deep corporate career and consulting expertise, Elaine teaches applicants to analyze and anticipate the ideal applicant fit and to articulate their skills accordingly. Indeed, the professional job market has become so competitive that applicants are now often required to create presentations that represent their skills during the interview process. Elaine has helped many of her clients throughout this process. Students and professionals go on to use these invaluable skills and strategies across a variety of applications for the rest of their professional and personal lives.

Access Resume, Interview & Negotiation Prep provides tutoring to both students and professionals in the strategy and art of collaborative communication. With confidence and respectful, collaborative conversation, our students and clients have gained admission to their first choice school, secured spots on college athletic teams, obtained legal and business positions that were believed to be beyond reach, and increased their salaries to levels they truly deserve.


Resume Prep

  • Identify your skills and understand their value in the current education or job market
  • Build a powerfully written resume that leverages your particular experience and value  
  • Create resume versions tailored to optimize your skill sets for different schools or jobs

Interview Prep

  • Develop a powerfully written resume and cover letter 
  • Understand the difference between college interviews and professional interviews
  • Build confidence and clarity to articulate the accomplishments on your resume
  • Converse with specificity
  • Identify industries and properly research potential employers
  • Become skilled at obtaining interviews through networking or informal social events
  • Understand the valued skills of an ideal candidate in the current education or job market
  • Learn to analyze specific schools, industries, companies, and the interviewer's career history in order to demonstrate preparation and critical thinking skills
  • Articulate job experience and skills in terms of an employer's specific needs
  • Leverage feedback from mock interview questions and role plays
  • Gain body language and etiquette awareness in a professional setting
  • Employ collaborative mindset, tone, and language choice
  • Recover gracefully from questions that stump you by turning them into opportunties
  • Write and prepare for interview presentations that demonstrate your skills and value 
  • Craft thank you notes that solidify your chance to obtain admission or an offer

Negotiation Prep

  • Understand the mindset and employ the strategies and word choice of a collaborative negotiator
  • Utilize your resume to negotiate your target salary
  • Leverage competitive salary research
  • Use a firm job offer to increase your pay and benefits
  • Pace and manage a collaborative salary discussion        
  • Propose counteroffers
  • Negotiate collaboratively for the salary that you deserve
  • Collaboratively negotiate the politics of any professional environment