What our customers are saying about us:

"Charles has given our child the confidence to believe in her abilities. Besides being her tutor, he has been a friend to her and to our family. Working with Charles made a huge difference to our child and her ACT scores. It was the best investment we have ever made.”

I really appreciate what Valerie has done and [is] still doing for Ethan. I am not talking only about essays (which is huge) but also interview help [with Elaine], application, résumé, many [pieces of ] advice as well as general support. Meeting her was an unbelievable blessing for Ethan (and me). We wouldn’t have survived this process without her.

“Abra was a great tutor: she was able to answer any questions I had about the subject matter and was very helpful in providing information about the format and expectations of the AP Biology test itself. I took the AP test in May and I feel pretty good about it!”

“Bethany has been great! Our son  was practically in tears when I told him he would need to do some tutoring for the SSAT. He comes out of every session with Bethany with a smile on his face. I feel she has been a great match for him.”

“Bill helped  our daughter a lot.  She said he was very helpful in explaining small but significant things to notice, watch out for, be aware of, that she hadn't considered before.  And she also said he was very clear in his explanations of the things they discussed.  She had a good score already (1400) , but raised it 40 points with his tutoring -- so definitely think he did an excellent job in helping her achieve that higher score.”  

”Matthew was big help! Our daughter  has really enjoyed and benefited from Matthew this school year. She recently received scores from her first act and she was pleased to have done very well.”

Ashley is amazing. Sweet, funny, and extremely helpful. She helped me write my  college essays and helped me with my transfer to UM this fall (successfully I might add). She is phenomenal I’ve recommended her to friends and will continue to do so. 

My son  said that Michael was very easy to work with and had outstanding subject-matter knowledge.  My son said that the best thing about Michael is that Michael was really good at gauging whether or not my son understood a concept from facial expressions. 

Wojciech has been a great tutor for our child. She has a math learning disability and he has been very effective at delivering the information in a way she is able to understand it.
Ashley is very kind, relatable, and understanding. She is patient with lessons and is very approachable. Ashley cares a lot about her students and is very dedicated to her work. She is very, very wonderful!

Our student really loves Susie. She has gone the extra mile to make sure that she understood what our son is up against in his AP Calculus class. He has gained math confidence and his test anxiety has gone way down. He has been to many math tutors that didn’t work and Susie finally reached out to him. He listens to her and does her practice problems. She truly knows how to make him understand Math for the first time in his life.
Tutoring was excellent. Brooks was excited to be finished before his other triplet brothers. The others have now stepped up their goals in order to beat Brooks. Overall Amanda was a great tutor and a great fit for our son.

Everything is going very well with our daughter’s ACT studies and with Susie’s tutelage. The pair seem to be a good team, where Susie is challenging her with clear expectations, and she is motivated and independently strives to stay organized and keep up with the learning process.

And yes, there is noticeable improvement in more than our daughter’s scores. Her self confidence is much improved. Also, as I mentioned her motivation and time priorities/organization are clearly apparent.

We are looking forward to her taking the real ACT in her approved format this month.
Our daughter loved working with Michael for AP Physics. She saw her grades grow up and now she’s more confident. She is now very excited about returning to Access Test Prep for SAT/ACT prep.

Michael has been a good match with both of our children. We like him very much! To me, he seems knowledgeable and genuinely caring. Our younger daughter likes that he is super smart, laid back, supportive, and kind. Her SAT results 1590/1600 reflect that she was well prepared and Michael conveyed such happiness for her. He is a gem!

I can’t say enough good things about Jorge, we have been very very pleased and our daughter has nothing but compliments to give and is looking forward to getting additional help to raise her ACT score.
Jeff was positive and had a great rapport with our son, whose scores improved in every section. I have recommended Access Test Prep & Tutoring to many friends.

My tutor has helped me tremendously in everything from academics to SAT prep to my future career. She’s been a real mentor. Since tutoring with her, I have noticed growth in myself that’s allowed me to operate at a higher level in school and outside of it. Without her, I would never have been confident enough to pursue writing; she is the sole individual who taught me how to write in an effective, analytic style. So, thank you for providing an opportunity I can surely say I would be unable to receive anywhere else but Access Test Prep & Tutoring
Charles helped me raise my SAT score by more than 550 points, but he did so much more. He improved my writing, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Charles was always available and instilled in me a high level of confidence. Switching from another tutoring company to Access Test Prep was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

We were very happy with our son’s Algebra 2 tutoring. He went from failing before he started tutoring to getting a 90% on his final exam. We will definitely have our son work with your tutors again.
Jorge was terrific. He made tutoring interesting and fun. My son was always excited to go to SSAT tutoring.

Thank you for making what could have been a painful experience pleasurable. Our friend’s son was miserable because he used an online LSAT class, and he did not feel confident about his performance.
Charles was the reason I did as well as I did on the LSAT. I tried a large test prep program, but was dissatisfied with the teachers’ level of experience and the lack of one-on-one help. Charles helped me to really understand the test. He never discouraged my ambition for a top score, and thanks to his help, I reached my goal.

We very greatly appreciate of being matched with Jeff. Our son went up 150 points. Jeff is simply amazing. Our only regret is that we did not meet Jeff earlier.

My son has always had issues with interviews and presentations. I even got my son a tutor to develop his communication skills, but these lessons came at little avail.

Prior to working with Elaine, he consistently failed his interviews for various summer programs. He also had problems judging his performance following an interview because he had neither an expectation nor a baseline to compare a good interview with a bad one.

Elaine has worked with my son for the past six months, and I still marvel at the progress and growth of his interactive skills and his self-belief in those communication abilities. He definitely has better understanding of the dynamics of the interview now all thanks to Elaine.

While working with Elaine he learned how to present himself to the stranger across the table in an interview. He learned to tailor the presentation of himself according to his interviewer and his ultimate target. He became more confident on how to showcase his accomplishments with a humble state of mind.

These skills helped him not only with his interviews for college and scholarships but also with the simplest of presentations.

I cannot thank Elaine enough for what she has done to help my son. She taught him a great lifelong skill that should serve him well for the test of his life. My son is a Georgia Tech Stamps Leadership Scholar and President’s Scholarship recipient and was awarded a full academic scholarship at Vanderbilt University.”

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